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To provide some context for those reading, my name is Christon Altmann from Perth WA, currently spending a large chunk of my spare time studying to become a web developer. I work part time at a company called TADWA (Technology Assisting the Aged and Disabled WA) which is an enjoyable role where I help provide IT services to the elderly and disabled in WA. Not only is it fulfilling and meaningful work, but it's in the field I most enjoy being IT. Furthermore it's flexible and allows me to work towards my programming goals aswell as other tech interests.

I'm seeking to use this website as a way to showcase my projects, whilst also using the website itself as a project to work on and build. Recently adding bootstrap, JQuery and this about page, whilst seeking to further add more elements to it as I learn and become more comfortable with web development technologies.

Feel free to contact me via my Linked or Twitter , or follow my coding pursuits via the links in the sidebar.

Regards, Christon.

Online Certifications

See below the certifications I currently have from my online studies thus far. I appreciate they aren't a formal qualification but are a nice way to personally validate my achievements and share with those interested.

The web developer bootcamp
Upskilled Web Developer Course
Upskilled Web Developer Course
Upskilled Web Developer Course

Work Experience

Formal Certifications

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